Robert Mitchum

The Classic DVD Report

  Any classic film fan can tell you that there’s never enough money to buy DVDs.  Okay I think that extends to regular film fans, book fans, and the like.  With that I’ve decided to put together a little something to gather my thoughts and look at the various classic […]

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

In my defense this review was written two days ago and my computer decided it didn’t want to look for pictures and kept crashing.  Profuse apologies!  The Night of the Hunter was on the last Reader Request poll and if the results were anything to go off of, people love […]

Rachel and the Stranger (1948)

So much to write about that it might require two posts.  Let’s start with the delayed movie review.  I watched this last night but due to massive studying I just couldn’t write it out.  Today’s film is an odd little movie from 1948 called Rachel and the Stranger.  To preface, […]

Cape Fear (1962) – Reader Request

Thanks everyone for voting in the first Reader Request poll (that’s what I’m labeling these reviews).  By a vote of five, the readers requested a review of the 1962 film Cape Fear.  Cape Fear is one of my favorite movies, and my second favorite Robert Mitchum film (my favorite being […]